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What is CityEats?

CityEats is the best way to explore restaurants in Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, Phoenix, New Orleans, South Florida and New York — and book reservations for some of the hottest tables in town.

CityEats was born out of the idea that a great dining experience can begin well before you arrive at a restaurant. Chefs and restaurateurs are doing some amazing things that should be seen and savored — from concept to food and design to wine — and we aim to help you do just that right now.

Our mission is to create an experience that, short of actually being at one of our restaurants, feels like the closest thing to it. At CityEats, we put you at your table, where you can take in the energy of the place and pore over incredible plates of food (and that means everything from a foie gras terrine to a killer burger) – all before you book. Here, it’s all so close you can almost taste it. And we have the food porn to prove it.

Like you, we want to hit just one website en route to a great meal out. We too want a reservation at the hottest spot in town, but we want that process to be entertaining, visual, and yes, delicious. We also want information we can trust. So we went and created that destination. CityEats brings great restaurant experiences – and access to those experiences – together in one place, and takes dining out to a new level.

Welcome to the future of food.