CityEats FAQs


How do I view, change, or cancel a reservation?
It’s easy! If you have an account on and you are logged in, you will be reminded of pending reservations on the homepage of the site. You can also point your mouse at the My Account link in the upper right-hand corner of every page and select the “My Offers and Reservations” option. If you do not have an account, please click on the “Find Reservation” link near the upper right-hand corner of every page. Then simply enter your email address, and we will resend your reservation confirmation email immediately.
How do I know that restaurants receive the reservations I make on CityEats?
Bookings you make on CityEats are received by the restaurants in real time and are recorded in their reservation systems.
How do I add a special request or note for the restaurant to my reservation?

When you’re in the process of making your reservation on CityEats, there’s a field on the reservation page that allows you to enter special requests for the restaurant. If you think of a special request after you have already completed your reservation, you should contact the restaurant directly. Their phone number is in your confirmation email.

If your special request is related to a food allergy, we’d recommend reiterating that detail to your server when you’re ordering to ensure that the information is relayed to the kitchen.

I’m booking a reservation for someone else (like my boss) and won’t be part of the group dining at the restaurant. How do I manage that reservation?
There’s a checkbox on the reservation page that says you’re booking the reservation for someone else. Make sure to click that and enter the name of the party you’re booking for. If you haven’t signed up for membership yet, you can use your email address and confirmation code to make any modifications to the reservation.
My preferred time is not available at the restaurant where I’d like to make a reservation. What now?

If the time you’ve requested is not available, we’ll do our best accommodate you in other time slots – please check those availabilities and see if any might work for you.

As an alternative, we work with several great restaurants and we recommend browsing our complete list to see if any of those appeal.

You can also call the restaurant and mention you tried to book on CityEats and want to see if your reservation can be accommodated – they might have additional tables in reserve.

How do I know it’s safe to give CityEats my credit card info?
When you are required to enter your credit card information on a CityEats page, your card number is always encrypted, and we never see or store your credit card details. Your transactions are processed by CyberSource, one of the largest payment processors in the United States, processes your transactions.
When I make a reservation on CityEats, is it confirmed, or do I need to call the restaurant to confirm?
When you make a reservation on CityEats, it is instantly confirmed. You should receive a confirmation email or SMS (or whatever delivery method you select), immediately upon submitting your completed reservation. It is not necessary to call the restaurant.
I made a reservation but never received a confirmation e-mail or SMS. What should I do?
If more than a few minutes have passed and you still have not received a confirmation e-mail or SMS, your reservation may not have been completed. If you are a CityEats member, you should log in to see if the reservation is listed on your account page. If you do not see it, you will need to repeat the booking steps. If you are not a member, and do not have a confirmation number, you can call the restaurant to see if your reservation was received, but more than likely, you will need to try making the reservation again on CityEats.
Will you share my name with anybody else if I make a reservation through CityEats?
CityEats will only share your name with the restaurant with which you are making your reservation. We will not share your name or other private information with any other party.
Will you sell my email address?
No, CityEats will never sell your email address. We ask you to opt in for emails, and you can change your settings and email preferences at any time.
My favorite restaurant isn’t on CityEats. Can you add them?
We love hearing from you, so please let us know which restaurants you’d like to see on CityEats in our feedback form. We are constantly increasing our merchant list, so please check back often for your favorites.
I made a reservation at a restaurant and now I’m getting marketing e-mails from them. How do I stop them?
If you log in and go to your profile page (click the SOCIAL tab), and then click the Edit Profile button, you will find a link at the bottom of the page for editing communications preferences. There you may check or un-check those mails that you wish or do not wish to receive.


How do I submit a review for a restaurant?
If you are qualified to write a review, you will be notified of this in two places: on the restaurant’s profile page under the Reviews tab, and on your own profile page (under the Social tab). A qualified reviewer is one who booked through CityEats and dined at the restaurant within the previous 90 days.
Why can’t I submit more than one review of a restaurant?
Although we understand that every dining experience is different (even at the same restaurant), we don’t want to confuse other users with disparate information. If you want to review more than one experience at a certain restaurant, then hold off on submitting one after your first meal and book another reservation with us for that restaurant. That way you can combine each experience into one, comprehensive review, and help our users make a more informed decision.
Is my review anonymous?
Not entirely. Your byline will be your first name and last initial.
How is my identity protected when I leave a review?
CityEats discloses only your first name and last initial.
Do you track my usage on the site?
We track aggregate user activity on the site, but there’s no personally identifiable information that’s stored in our tracking system.
Do you publish all of the reviews submitted?
We publish all of the reviews submitted as long as they comply with our review guidelines. Reviews are removed only if their content is flagged as inappropriate by other users.
Are submitted reviews edited or filtered in any way?
Reviews are not edited, but they will be filtered if they contain profanity (we’re PG-rated around here) or irrelevant content (i.e. Spam or completely off-topic conversations).
Do restaurants have the ability to opt out of accepting user reviews?
No. Our restaurants value their customers and rely on CityEats as a platform to hear their feedback.
Do I have to book a reservation through you to review a restaurant?
Yes, you must have booked your meal through CityEats and you must have dined within the past 90 days prior to submitting the review.
Is there a time limit on how long I have to submit a review after attending my reservation?
Yes, you must submit your review within 90 days of your dining experience.
I posted a review of a restaurant and it has now disappeared. Where did it go?
Your review may have been flagged for one reason or another. If you think your review was flagged in error, please let us know. A member of our customer service team will check it out and, if your review conforms to our guidelines, it will re-appear again shortly.


How do I join the CityEats Rewards program?
Anyone who creates an account on is automatically eligible to enjoy the benefits of the CityEats Rewards program.
What is the CityEats Rewards program?
CityEats Rewards has two components: a tiered elite program in which you can work your way up from Red to Silver to Gold level, and a rewards component in which you can redeem points for rewards. Both are based on loyalty points that you earn by making reservations, writing reviews and engaging in other activity on
What are the Terms of Use of the CityEats Rewards program?
Please see the full Terms of Use document at
How do I earn points in the program?
CityEats Rewards points are awarded as follows:
  • Create an account on CityEats: 100 points
  • Complete your profile on CityEats and thereby earn your Getting Started badge: 100 points
  • Make a reservation and honor that reservation: 200 points if made on website; 100 points if booked through a CityEats remote booking widget on a restaurant’s website
  • Write a review: 100 points
  • Earn a badge: 100 points for any badge such as Big Eater, Food Critic or All-Star Reviewer

These points will be awarded retroactively for those users who joined CityEats before the launch of the CityEats reward program.

How do you determine which loyalty tier I am in?
As soon as you create a CityEats account and complete your profile, you are a Red tier member. Once you have accumulated 2,000 points (for example, by making five reservations and writing five reviews) you will advance into the Silver tier. If you are then able to add an additional 4,000 points in the same six-month period, you will advance into the Gold tier.
How do I maintain my loyalty tier status?
Once you have reached the Red tier, you will always stay at that status or above. In order to maintain the Silver tier, you must earn 2,000 points in every six-month period. In order to maintain the Gold tier, you must earn 6,000 points in every six-month period.
What are the benefits of being in a particular tier?
  • Red tier: a special red icon appears next to your name; you get advance notice of new restaurants added to CityEats; additional benefits added from time to time
  • Silver tier: a special silver icon appears next to your name; a bonus of 750 points; all the benefits of the Red tier; additional benefits added from time to time
  • Gold tier: a special gold icon appears next to your name; earn points at double the usual rate; all the benefits of the Red and Silver tiers; additional benefits added from time to time
How do I redeem rewards?
Once you have earned 2,500 points you become eligible to trade in your points for $25 gift certificates from iTunes or, or for a $25 donation to the child hunger charity ‘Share Our Strength.’ You may also opt to save up 5,000 points for the same rewards at the $50 level, or even 10,000 points for the same rewards at the $100 level.


I notice all of the restaurant profiles are positive, why is that?
Our restaurant profiles are different from reviews in that they offer a reportage of the dining experience. We are not critiquing individual dishes, we are showing what each restaurant has to offer.
Who pays for the meals when a writer goes to eat?
CityEats covers the cost of our writers’ meals.
Can I access CityEats from my smartphone?
Yes. Your smartphone will automatically display the mobile version of our website, unless you choose to view the standard web version.
If you have an iPhone, you can download our fantastic iPhone app from the App Store.