Eating Well is the Best Reward!

You asked for it, and now we're happy to deliver our new loyalty program: CityEats Rewards!

Here's how it works: You'll earn 200 points for every reservation, double the amount of that other service. Plus you can earn points when you write reviews, win badges and more. If you have been a loyal customer of CityEats for a while, you'll receive points for all qualifying activity since you signed up, not just for activity from here on in. That's our way of saying thank you for your business.

CityEats Rewards has two components: a tiered elite program in which you can work your way up from Red to Silver to Gold level, and a rewards component in which you can redeem points for rewards. Both are based on loyalty points that you earn by making reservations, writing reviews and engaging in other activity on

Red Tier

Anyone who has created an account and completed his profile will be in the Red Tier. At this level, you will get a spiffy red icon next to your name, you will find out about new restaurants on CityEats before other users, plus you will enjoy other great benefits from time to time.

Silver Tier

Once you have accumulated 2,000 points (for example, by making five reservations and writing five reviews) you will advance into the Silver Tier. You will get a handsome silver icon next to your name, a bonus of 750 points, all the benefits of the red tier, plus other great rewards from time to time.

Gold Tier

If you are an elite user of CityEats and can accumulate 6,000 points in a six-month period, you will be in the Gold Tier. At this level you will get a gorgeous gold icon next to your name, you will earn double points, you will enjoy all the benefits of red and silver users and you will get other rewards from time to time.

To get started, create or log in to your profile and click on the Rewards tab.

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Once you have earned 2,500 points you become eligible to trade in your points for $25 gift certificates from iTunes or, or for a $25 donation to the child hunger charity ‘Share Our Strength.’ You may also opt to save up 5,000 points for the same rewards at the $50 level, or even 10,000 points for the same rewards at the $100 level.

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