Meet the Team


Sameer Deen

President of CityEats / Kickboxing Hopeful

Most memorable restaurant meal: Dinner at the Private Supper Club in London’s Town Hall Hotel to celebrate the launch of the Food Network UK. The chef, Nuno Mendez, who trained at El Bulli, created a fantastic experience. The chef’s technique was unparalleled to anything I had ever tasted. I remember most the frozen squid ink of the calamari course, and the layered textures of the chocolate course.

Last supper request: A plate of oysters and champagne at Aqua Grill.

Chef crush, platonic or otherwise: Morimoto. He has mad knife skills.


Rick Lamy

VP of Sales / Newfound Fan of Casual Fridays / Golfer

Most memorable restaurant meal: Stuffed banana French toast with strawberries.

Last supper request: A big, juicy burger with blue cheese and grilled onions… And don't forget the half sour pickles on the side. A vanilla soufflé for dessert.

Chef crush, platonic or otherwise: Barefoot Contessa, since that's who my wife talks about all the time. She is hospitable, knows how to throw great parties and takes a simple approach to developing delicious dishes.


Marven Krug

Director of Product / Office Jokester / Chef de Partie / Doctor of Modern European History / Proud Canadian

Most memorable restaurant meal: I will never forget a meal I had at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon inside the Four Seasons Hotel here in New York City. My Significant Other and I each had the tasting menu with wine pairings. It cost an arm and a leg and was worth every penny. There was a succession of tiny plates of glorious deliciousness, none of which I could have made at home in a million years. So this is why people spend so much on a meal, I realized!

Last supper request: I want a medium-rare, grass-fed beef, rib-eye steak grilled Ruth's Chris-style on extremely high heat with butter, a baked potato with sour cream and chives, corn on the cob with butter and sea salt and thickly sliced, fresh ripe beefsteak tomatoes. A bottle of nice Willamette Valley pinot noir on the side, please. For dessert a slice of lemon meringue pie from the (unfortunately defunct) famous Miami Beach deli Wolfie Cohen's Rascal House.

Chef crush, platonic or otherwise: My first (platonic) chef crush was Graham Kerr of The Galloping Gourmet. I was about eight years old. That suave New Zealander was sort of the Austin Powers of his day. He took a pinch of Swinging London, added a dash of (tipsy) Dean Martin, a dollop of Hugh Hefner, and a tablespoon of Julia Child, mixed the whole thing with wild travel adventures worthy of Anthony Bourdain, and made this particular eight year-old think that nothing could be cooler than being a famous globe-trotting cook.


Andrew Ford

Manager, Web Development / Cheese Lover / World Authority on Beatles History

Most memorable restaurant meal: The first time I had really good Chinese near my old house in England. Crispy roasted duck and moo shu pancakes. Made me realize there was more to food than just meat and potatoes.

Last supper request: Spaghetti bolognaise.

Chef crush, platonic or otherwise: Claire Robinson. Even I can follow recipes with only 5 things in them!


James Ford

Manager, Web Development / Gadget Lover / Soccer Fanatic

Most memorable restaurant meal: The first time I had sushi, years ago, in Tampa, FL. It was so, so different from what I was expecting, like a revelation. It’s my most common food craving now.

Last supper request: Thai curry mussels. With bacon.

Chef crush, platonic or otherwise: Morimoto. I love his style of Japanese food, plus he stars in the most interesting episodes of Iron Chef America.

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