Meet the Writers and Photographers


Washington D.C.

Alejandra Owens

Alejandra Owens has been living, working and eating in DC for seven years now. An Arizona transplant, she's particularly picky about her Mexican food and still isn't used to DC humidity (she appreciates a dry heat). Alejandra grew up baking with her mother who bestowed upon her a healthy appreciation for carby treats. On weekends you'll likely find Alejandra perusing the farmers markets, looking for the latest seasonal produce to bake into something.

For nearly two years Alejandra has written about the dining scene in the Logan, Dupont and U Street neighborhoods for Borderstan, a neighborhood online news site. Alejandra also pens her own food blog called One Bite At A Time where she chronicles her latest cooking adventures and cravings.

Have questions about restaurants, food or cooking? Check Alejandra out on Twitter, she's @frijolita.

Cynthia Hacinli

When she's not checking out ouzo bars in Athens, lobster shacks on the Maine Coast, doner kebab stands in Istanbul, and the patisseries of Paris, Cynthia Hacinli's home base is Washington, DC, where she was a long time food and wine editor and restaurant critic for Washingtonian Magazine. She also writes extensively on food, travel, and style for such publications as the New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Saveur, National Geographic Traveler, and GQ.

Hacinli has contributed to several travel books including Fodor's Washington and is coauthor with her husband, Bill Connor, of Romantic Days and Nights, Washington, DC, a guide to romantic places and pasttimes (Globe Pequot Press). She is also the author of Down Eats: The Essential Maine Restaurant Guide. She was featured (in disguise) on the Food Network series "Food Fantasies," and has also appeared on other local and national TV programs. A native New Yorker, she is a graduate of the State University at Albany and the Columbia School of Journalism in New York. She lives in DC with her husband and daughter, Annabel.

David Hagedorn

David Hagedorn grew up in Gadsden, Alabama and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before moving to Washington, DC to attend Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Eschewing the diplomatic field, Hagedorn entered the restaurant business, enjoying a 25-year career as a cook, acclaimed chef and restaurateur before becoming a food journalist in 2005.

As Hagedorn jokingly characterizes the move, he left the worst way to make a living for the second worst way to make a living. After making his debut in the Washington Post with "On Cheapskates and Scams," a provocative portrayal of his break-up with the dining public, Hagedorn became a columnist there. He penned Chef on Call and Real Entertaining, each for two years; in his current column, Sourced, Hagedorn sheds the spotlight on local food growers and creates original recipes using their ingredients.

In addition to his Washington Post duties, Hagedorn regularly freelances for other major publications and has been the dining columnist for Washington Flyer Magazine since 2006. He is currently working on separate cookbook projects with noted chefs Todd Gray and Cathal Armstrong.

Jessica Strelitz

Jessica Strelitz is a food, wine and spirits freelance writer, Boston sports freak, news geek and Maine native, living "away" in Arlington, Va. She started her DC-area media career as a sports writer for USA TODAY online, and now is a regular contributor to several regional and national publications including Arlington Magazine, On Tap Magazine, Food Shed, Tasting Table and NPR's Kitchen Window. Find updates on Jess's food work and other favorite things at and on Twitter @jstrelitz.

Kelly DiNardo

Freelance writer Kelly DiNardo keeps waiting to be told to get a real job. Until then, she'll drink cocktails, break down a pig, learn to make homemade soda, go race-car driving, swoosh through Park City, sweat through a Bikram yoga class and learn the secrets of tassel twirling all in the name of work.

She's written about such adventures for The Washington Post, USA Today, O magazine, Glamour and Redbook. Her work has also appeared in Parade, Woman's Day, Details and other national publications. She is also the author of Gilded Lili: Lili St. Cyr and the Striptease Mystique.

You can find more of DiNardo's work at or @kellydinardo.

Nevin Martell

Nevin Martell has been writing about food and culture for more than a decade and a half. His work has appeared in the Washington Post Express, Washingtonian, Capitol File, Washington City Paper, Cheese Connoisseur and Restaurant Management, as well as online at the Washington Post's All You Can Eat blog and on Eater DC. He's also a self-dubbed pop culture archaeologist who likes writing books in his spare time (i.e. at night and on the weekends). Works of his that you may find in your local bookstore are Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and His Revolutionary Comic Strip, Standing Small: A Celebration of 30 Years of the LEGO Minifigure, Dave Matthews Band: Music for the People, and Beck: The Art of Mutation. When he's not eating, typing or procrastinating, Martell enjoys traveling, jogging, baking, gardening, photography and falconing (Okay, we made the last one up). You can find him online at or on Twitter at @nevinmartell.

Rina Rapuano

Rina Rapuano decided to jump from newspaper editing into food writing when she realized that every meal description to friends ended with someone declaring, "You're making me hungry." When she's not dragging her husband and two kids to area restaurants, she's usually in the kitchen cooking, baking or sneaking a cookie.

As a former staff writer (and now freelancer) for Washingtonian magazine, she eats her way through every type of ethnic food for Cheap Eats packages, frets about gout each year while working on the 100 Very Best Restaurants package and writes about food trends in addition to her regular Dining on a Shoestring column for the magazine. Before that, her work could be seen regularly in the Washington Post's food section, DC magazine and Edible Chesapeake, and she still occasionally brags about the tiny little piece she landed in Gourmet.

Find Rapuano on Twitter at @rinarap.


Amy Cavanaugh

Amy Cavanaugh is a food, drink, and travel writer who has sipped her way through wineries in Spain, eaten stinky tofu in Taipei and devoured deep-fried red velvet cake at the Houston Rodeo. A New England native, Amy started writing about food in Washington, DC, where she was a reporter and dining critic for the Washington Blade and a freelancer for the Washington Post Express, DC Magazine and Washington City Paper.

In 2010, Amy moved to Chicago, where she is an associate editor at Chicagoist and a freelancer for Serious Eats, Time Out Chicago, Plate Magazine, Eater DC and others. She has also covered culinary travel for the Chicago Tribune and Boston Globe.

While she will eat anything once, Amy's dream dinner consists of a well-made Manhattan, ice-cold oysters and cheese fries.

Find her online at or on Twitter @AmyCavanaugh.

Anthony Todd

Anthony Todd is the Food and Drink editor of Anthony is a native Iowan, but fled the state's then-limited cuisine of corn syrup and pork products at the age of 18. After moving to Chicago in 2004, he became one of the city's most avid boosters, especially when it comes to restaurants. Anthony is obsessed with salt, canning, pickling, local produce, gin, fine dining, cauliflower and finding the perfect recipe for pasta arrabiata. In addition to Chicagoist, Anthony writes regularly for the Chicago Sun-Times, Time Out Chicago, Serious Eats, Serious Drinks and Citysearch Chicago. He has appeared on ABC and the Cooking Channel. Follow him on Twitter at @FoodieAnthony.

Ari Bendersky

Ari Bendersky eats, lives, plays, bikes, hunts and sometimes sleeps in Chicago. He is the editor in chief of and the former founding editor of Eater Chicago. Ari has written for the New York Times,,, the Associated Press, Out, Chicago and more covering everything from food and wine to travel and lifestyle. His first book, 1,000 Food & Art Styling Ideas, a curated collection of 1,000 gorgeous professional and amateur food photography from around the world, will get published in October, 2013. Ari spends way too much time trolling news sites and playing Words With Friends while thinking of his next excursion to places like Puerto Vallarta or London with his partner.

David Hammond

David Hammond – a corporate communications consultant and food/travel journalist living in Oak Park, Illinois, – is a founder and moderator of, the 11,500 member Chicago-based culinary chat site. David is food blogger for and weekly food columnist in The Wednesday Journal. For the past two and one-half years, David contributed his "Food Detective" column to the Chicago Sun-Times, examining issues related to ingredients and preparations, as well as the culture and history of what we eat. He has written over 200 restaurant reviews for Reader and Time Out Chicago, and he has contributed several chapters to Street Food Around the World (ABC-Clio, 2013). Currently, he writes for Chicago Sun-Times Splash! and for A returning guest on WLS and WGN AM radio, David has produced segments for Chicago National Public Radio, including two seasons of the "Soundbites" series on the James Beard-nominated Eight Forty-Eight. David was also featured on "Good Morning, America," "Chicago, Tonight," and Nippon TV when he developed recipes for preparing seasonal cicadas, and earlier this year, he began scripting and producing a video series entitled "You Really Should Eat This;" here are two segments: and

You can find him on Twitter @DavidHammond, Facebook or on his site

Lauren Viera

After a decade of writing and editing jobs at Time Out Chicago, the Chicago Tribune and Lucky, Lauren struck out on her own in 2011 to focus on chronicling the wonderful, rapidly expanding world of spirits and cocktails. She has since visited distilleries in England, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Canada and all over the country, and has chronicled her booze adventures for Condé Nast Traveler, T Magazine, Men's Journal, Imbibe and others. She regularly reports on the spirits industry for Crain's Chicago Business, and serves as a Chicago correspondent for Forbes Travel Guide.

When not traveling the world in search of her next drink, Lauren can be found organizing her cellar bar—one of three in her home—which was recently featured in the Chicago Reader. She's the author of The Glass & Garden blog, and is in the preliminary stages of researching a book on the 21st century cocktail movement.

Lauren can be found on Twitter via @LaurenViera or online at

Michael Nagrant

Michael Nagrant never met an organ meat he didn't like. Well, that's not entirely true. The goat eyeball taco at Chicago's Maxwell Street Market was a challenge, but that's why God invented hot sauce.

He launched his food journalism career producing long-form podcast "Fresh Air"-style interviews with chefs and food personalities as the founder of the Chicago blog Hungry. He's also been a frequent free-lance contributor to Chicago magazine, Chicago Tribune, Newcity and is the former Chicago Sun-Times dining critic. Nagrant was a contributing writer for the James Beard Award-winning Alinea cookbook, has written for Saveur and is currently a regular dining contributor to the Chicago Tribune's Redeye newspaper.

Nagrant spent five years working the line at a mom-and-pop pizza joint in suburban Detroit, and while he may not be a top chef, he understands the heat of the kitchen and the throbbing of muscles at the end of a long night of cooking.

Because he'll eat anything twice (you never know if the first dish was cooked right), Nagrant relishes a lifetime of pursuing delicious second chances. You can follow him on twitter @michaelnagrant.

Samantha Lande

After ignoring the magnitude of great food for much of her childhood, due to the bewitching "picky kid" curse, Samantha Lande jumped full fledge into the world of culinary consumption once reaching adulthood. Originally from Detroit (fine, the suburbs), Samantha has lived in Chicago for almost 10 years taking full advantage of what the city offers.

Samantha breaks news for Eater Chicago, contributes to Sun-Times Splash! and uncovers cool kid stuff for Red Tricycle. She enjoys delving into the new, great and unknown of the Chicago food scene. She's even nice enough to let her husband and young son come on some of the more delectable culinary adventures she encounters. Aside from food, Samantha loves traveling, Detroit sports and Bon Jovi.

Follow her latest adventures on Twitter @ThePetiteFilet

Sarah O'Neill

Growing up a small-town girl, Sarah O'Neill had big city dreams for as long as she could remember. Now an official Chicagoan, she's fallen in love with the city and all that it has to offer. When she's not checking out what's new on the local food and beer scene, you can find her catching a movie, dropping in on a dance class or exploring the city.

With an English writing degree and a minor in journalism, Sarah has used her skills to reach a number of different audiences. From newspaper and editorial to marketing and advertising, her way with words has transcended industries. As of late, her skills have been used in a digital sense on various websites and blogs.

In addition to CityEats Chicago, you can find Sarah's food and beer articles monthly on Chicago website The Local Tourist. Also catch her updates on Twitter via @sa_oneill.

Tess Hartigan

California born-and-raised Tess Hartigan thought her wine roots would be out of place moving to the brewery stronghold of Chicago. Little did she know that the Windy City's dynamic food scene caters to all vines of life. A graduate of Stanford University, Tess loves variety and has dabbled in delicacies all over the world, from inhaling fresh paw-paw in the highlands of Papua New Guinea to refereeing the Glühwein vs. Vin Chaud debate in Alsace. Most recently, she marveled at the best hummus of her life in the heart of Amman, Jordan. Accompany this fledgling Midwesterner as she explores the chic to the cheap through the streets of Chi.


Amy Martin

Professionally writing about food for nearly three years, Amy Martin continues to pursue her love of discovering the best culinary gems in her favorite desert city. Nothing gives her quite a thrill like discovering a new inventive recipe, checking out an up-and-coming restaurant, or quizzing a chef about their inspirations and favorite pantry ingredients. Hailing from a small town in Oklahoma, she's a Midwest girl at heart with a weakness for crispy, fried chicken and all the fixin's. Amy discovered her love of food writing in junior high as many of her English class's ‘free writing' assignments raved about her last great meal. Today, she promotes her favorite Phoenix restaurant discoveries on PhoenixBites – a local guide of area restaurants, events, and food-related news.

When she's not chronicling her food experiences, you'll find her thumbing through old community cookbooks, replicating restaurant dishes at home, enjoying a good chick-flick, crooning her favorite 80s tunes, or making kitchen messes with her daughter. You can find her work online at and check her out on Twitter, @PhoenixBites.

Carey Sweet

With more than two decades of writing about food, restaurants and the chefs that make them happen, Sweet contributes to numerous publications on a weekly and monthly basis, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Arizona Republic, Phoenix Magazine, Sunset, Alaska Airlines magazine, Virtual Gourmet, and Inside Sonoma. She has won national restaurant criticism and food writing awards, including First Place in the nation from the Society of Professional Food Journalists. When not eating, interviewing or chained to a computer writing, she shares her home, a small fruit and walnut farm in Sonoma, with a menagerie of horses, goats, dogs, chickens and various visiting wildlife.

Melissa Woodley

Philly-area native Melissa Woodley has been writing for nearly a decade but is on grammar patrol from 9 to 5 as a copy editor. A trip to Thailand, a summer in England, and a three-year sojourn in the Caribbean have all been fundamental in expanding her worldview and culinary palate. Melissa is a capable cook but a tragic baker whose favorite eats include breakfast food all day, sour beer and anything that starts as dough.

Find her on Twitter @melissajwoodley.

Susie Timm

Susie Timm has lived in Scottsdale for 21 years after beating a hasty retreat from the cold winters of Wisconsin in the early 90's. She spent the first part of her career as a banker and after the economy changed without her permission, she found herself hosting food events all over the Valley of the Sun and meeting new fanatical foodiacs who share her passion for smoked meat and rose. She has roots in journalism going back to her stint as Editor in Chief of the Saguaro Sabercat Newspaper, but more recently she writes for her own blog, and for many of her pr and marketing clients' respective websites. For fun she enjoys reading cooking magazines in the jacuzzi, tennis and online shopping (much to the chagrin of her loving husband Eric Butruff).

New York

Annalisa Burgos

On and off camera, Annalisa Burgos brings personality and credibility to her reporting of everything from food to real estate to technology. Annalisa's journalism career has involved a variety of unique experiences, including reporting from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, telling then-President Bill Clinton he's "da bomb," interviewing a convicted murderer in prison and talking movies with Morgan Freeman.

A native of Los Angeles and Northeast transplant (Manhattan and DC), Annalisa has worked as a writer, editor and anchor/host for some of the biggest names in media, including Forbes, CNBC, HGTV, Food Network and Bloomberg. A new mom of two, she is currently an independent writer and video host/producer. This video is one of her favorite food stories:

Annalisa holds bachelor's degrees in Communications and English from UCLA and a master's degree in broadcasting from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

Aside from food, Annalisa's passions include traveling and studying foreign languages. Learn more at and @annalisaburgos.

Ashton Keefe

Ashton Keefe is a chef and culinary instructor at Haven's Kitchen in New York City. She also is the founder and owner of Ashton Keefe Culinary Lifestyle Services which specializes in boutique catering, food styling and culinary instruction. After graduating from Wake Forest University with a BA in English and Entrepreneurship she studied Classic Pastry Arts at Manhattan's, The French Culinary Institute.

Ashton also edits Today Show regular and wine expert Leslie Sbrocco's Thirsty Girl, and writes and develops recipes for "O Magazine," Whole Foods Market Cooking and "Everyday with Rachael Ray." Her work has been featured on "Style Me Pretty" in conjunction with Sarah Pease aka "The Proposal Planner" of Brilliant Event Planning. She has worked with acclaimed chefs such as Marc Forgione and Marcus Samuelsson, as well as TV personalities and chefs Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri.

Ashton's personal blog Diary of a Sweet Tooth can be found at

Dean Kurth

It's no wonder Dean Kurth wound up writing about food since it's all his family talks about. He was raised in the Midwest waking up to the smell of his Mom's cupcake-shaped breakfast eggs. From his Dad came a love of beer-marinated bratwurst and peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. A strong Italian ancestry meant homemade ravioli covered with his grandmother's sauce appeared regularly at the dinner table. A pastry called "Pupa Cu L'ova" remains a family Easter tradition.

Kurth's culinary palate expanded in Chicago's wealth of diverse ethnic neighborhoods like Greek Town where he discovered "flaming saganaki" cheese. And during college Kurth paid for his books by working at Chicago food impresario Richard Melman's foodlife and Big Bowl.

A job in broadcast journalism brought Kurth to New York where he interviews celebrity chefs and produces stories on everything from Fleet Week to Fashion Week. Recent escapes from Gotham have found him eating his way through New Orleans and Cape Cod. When he's not dining out with friends or at home making dinner in his toaster oven, Kurth can be found at the theater, being silly with his nieces and nephews, and getting his groove on at Hip Hop class.

Emily Epstein White

Writer and comedian Emily Epstein White has been described as many things, but for better or worse, "having a hearty appetite" is pretty close to the top of the list. She has traveled extensively where she learned that in Guangzhou, China, there is a saying that they'll eat anything if has four legs and it's not furniture and that Norwegians sometimes eat smoked sheep eyeballs. Making her home in New YorkCity, she takes full advantage of the cornucopia of food opportunities.

In addition to her food writing, she has had a regular travel humor column; covered the nutrition, fitness, and health industry (which is necessary if you love to eat); reported local news around Philadelphia for the Main LineTimes and Main Line Life; reviewed music for the Hartford Courant and shared her fashion taste on You can find links to her articles,updates on her standup performances, and insight into her mind on Twitter @emeps or

Erin Hartigan

California native Erin Hartigan never knew a day without avocados until she moved to the East Coast for college. She spent the next 11 years prowling Washington, D.C. for the best dining distractions as an editor for, DailyCandy and Tasting Table. A voracious traveler, she's tried river weed in Luang Prabang, warthog stew in Botswana and yak-butter tea high in the Himalayas. She's chronicled her adventures in numerous publications, including USA Today, DC Magazine and Harper's Bazaar. Now a proud Brooklynite, she still makes guacamole at least once a week. You can track Erin's dining adventures at @erinhartigan.

Eve Turow

Eve Turow is currently eating, writing, photographing and skipping her way through New York City. Originally from the Windy City, she believes there's no better way to understand a culture than through food. Eve is fascinated by meal time and cooking traditions around the globe and here in the U.S. Game for practically any gastronomic adventure, her favorite culinary discoveries include stir-fried grasshoppers in Thailand, chinchulines in Argentina, gado gado in Indonesia and Di'Fara pizza in Brooklyn. Eve is a regular contributor to NPR's "Kitchen Window." Her work has appeared on and in The Chicago Tribune, among other publications. You can read her work at

Julia Simon

Julia Simon is a writer/editor/content strategist based in NYC. She's written about everything from food to music to travel for various publications and websites, like Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, New York Magazine, and Budget Travel. She's also served as a copywriter and site manager for Outside of writing, you can find Julia riding one of her bicycles or making pizza, and Tweeting about it.

Layla Khoury-Hanold

Layla's obsession with food started early; growing up in Michigan, Tunisia, the Congo, France, Scotland, and Indonesia, she counts escargots and foie gras among her first memorable meals.

Her beverage of choice is a glass of rosé (proof here: and nothing makes her swoon more than a luxurious plate of pasta or a freshly baked pain au chocolat. The sweetest assignment she's ever been on was a cross-town trek in search of NYC's best pie for Food Network UK's blog. She has also contributed to Our Town Downtown and New York City's Crowdsourced Dessert Guide (BiblioCrunch).

She also loves to cook. Most Sundays, she whips up a batch of beef stew and fresh baked Yorkshire pudding, much to her English husband's delight. When she's not eating or cooking, she's documenting her food adventures (a pen and a camera are always on hand). She takes pride in creating lush prose of the perfect meals she discovers and hopes to share them in a memoir. You can follow her on Twitter @glassofrose and Instagram.

Lia Wiedemann

A native New Yorker, Lia Wiedemann grew up in Westchester County. In 2000, she moved to Manhattan's Upper East Side, but it wasn't long before she settled down in Brooklyn. She's clocked countless hours discovering different neighborhoods all over the city and always finds time to soak up New York's impressive food scene.

After the birth of her first child in 2008, she soon befriended many new moms and began leading Brooklyn food tours for them and their children. A food lover, she has an arsenal of restaurant recommendations and many Brooklyn spots top the list.

Lia spent six years in the online editorial department at Food Network where she interviewed high profile chefs and collaborated with the company's programming, marketing, ad sales, press, and culinary departments. Since becoming a freelance writer in 2009, Lia has written for, and is a regular contributor to iVillage's home & garden and food channels. She also recently became a Brooklyn real estate agent at a boutique agency in Park Slope.

Lia currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their two little boys. She loves to travel and is always up for long city walks with stops for sweets along the way.

Marie Elena Martinez

A New York City-based travel, food, and lifestyle writer, Marie Elena Martinez has eaten her way through six continents and over 50 countries, alternating Michelin stars and street carts along the way. She has contributed to print publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Women's Adventure, and websites like The Daily Meal, Condé Nast Traveler, Jetsetter, Fodors, and Men's Fitness. She was a writer for Fodor's Guide: Puerto Rico (July 2012) and Fodor's Guide: Los Cabos (December 2012). The founding editor of The Latin Kitchen, and a regular blogger for The Huffington Post, she left her corporate PR job in 2005 and has been traveling the world ever since. She chronicles her adventures in her writing, and she can be reached through her website or her Twitter handle @mariesworlds.

Sara Levine

Sara Levine is a senior editor at and a culinary-school-trained home cook. A few years ago she quit her magazine job in D.C. to go to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta, which led to a stint in the Food Network Kitchens in New York. Although cooking professionally wasn't her thing, she adores writing about the people who excel at it and putting her own amateur culinary skills to work in her tiny Manhattan kitchen.

Sara blogs regularly for Food Network's FN Dish and Cooking Channel's Devour. She has previously written for Washingtonian magazine, Atlanta magazine and Serious Eats. All thoughts expressed on CityEats NY are her own and independent of Follow Sara on Twitter @sarablevine.

New Orleans

Anne Berry

Anne Berry is a writer for Zagat's 2013 restaurant and shopping guides to New Orleans, and has been published in Random House's "Operation Homecoming" anthology.

Before becoming a full-time freelancer, Anne took on Washington, D.C. as a bartender, economist, artist's model, and National Gallery of Art intern. She also earned a master's degree in modern American history.

She launched her award-winning writing career in newspapers, where she covered business, the military, farming, politics and art while wearing the hats of columnist, reporter, managing editor and photographer.

Today, Anne lives in gorgeous New Orleans and specializes in spirits, food, travel and lifestyle stories; she's written for, Edible New Orleans,,, Where Y'at, and Rouses supermarkets.

For fun, she explores cocktail culture with friends, reads narrative non-fiction, and pesters her husband Joel, a retired Marine colonel, to partner with her on a book.

Reach her @AnneBerryWrites on Twitter, or at

Leslie Almeida

While bussing tables isn't the most glamorous way a girl wants to spend her teen years, that's exactly how Leslie's interest in food and dining was sparked. After working her way through the ranks, she eventually decided to pursue other professional interests. Still in love with all that New Orleans' restaurants had to offer, she founded NOLA Eats, a social dining group and blog, and recruited like-minded young adults by utilizing early outlets of social media.

As the popularity of NOLA Eats grew, so did the opportunities. Leslie, featured in the Blogger Spotlight on CNN's, was named 'Who to Follow in Food on Twitter' and 'Best Social Networker' by New Orleans alt-weekly Gambit. Her written work includes contributions to sites such as and, in addition to the Our Home, Louisiana Seafood Cookbook. In television and radio, Leslie was also Co-Executive Producer of New Orleans Gourmet with Maria Muro, and has enjoyed guest spots on local podcasts and radio programs as an authority on the dining scene.

These days, you can find Leslie judging various food competitions, at a restaurant opening or on the internet; - - @LeslieJAlmeida.

Lorin Gaudin

Lorin Gaudin has passion for all things food and drink. With a Bachelor's degree in Theatre from Loyola University of New Orleans, and a culinary diploma from The Ritz-Escoffier in Paris, she parlayed her education to become a Food Editor/Reporter for national, regional and local publications as well as local television and radio stations. Lorin is a contributing editor/writer for The New York Post and Where Magazine New Orleans. She is the creator-founder of FiveOhFork, specializing in culinary social media/web content for restaurants, chefs and food-related businesses. Typically, a cocktail is in her hand when a Po-Boy isn't. Lorin can be followed on Twitter and "friended" on Facebook where she posts her own delicious raves and the occasional rant...

Poppy Tooker

Food personality, culinary teacher and author, Poppy Tooker is passionate about food and the people who bring it to the table. Poppy brings all of these elements to the table in her weekly NPR affiliated radio show, "Louisiana Eats".

In the fall of 2012, Madame Begue's Recipes of Old New Orleans Creole Cookery, first published in 1900, will be reissued by Pelican Publishing Company with a foreword and revised recipes by Poppy Tooker.

Sought after as a print journalist, Poppy is an associate editor with Louisiana Kitchen & Culture magazine, served as contributing editor for Hallmark magazine. Her writing has appeared in Fine Cooking, Chile Pepper, Taste of the South and Louisiana Kitchen magazines. Online, Poppy is a regular contributor to Zester Daily.

Robert Peyton

Robert Peyton was born in New Orleans and apart from the four years he spent in Tennessee for college, has lived there his whole life. He is a partner in the law firm Christovich & Kearney, LLP and has written about food and the culture of eating for going on fifteen years. He lives in Mid-City with his wife and three children.

Russell Warnick

Russell Warnick is an Englishman who has spent the last several years in Washington, D.C., which he believes to be an up-and-coming area for chefs and restaurants. His foray into cooking began simply, with English cuisine, and his favorite dish to this day remains the trusty bacon sandwich. With the wide variety of cuisine available in the U.S. capital, his own interests expanded as he began to realize all the wonderful things that could be done with food. He started writing for the food blog Endless Simmer, where he contributed numerous recipes, articles about food trends, and interviews of locally-renowned and nationally famous chefs.

When not cooking or writing about cooking, Russell fancies a good drink: beers of all kinds, fancy mixed drinks, and especially champagne. He can be often be found at happy hours around town promptly at 5pm. Russell is very excited to write about the D.C. dining scene for CityEats. Many of his more poignant thoughts can be discovered through his twitter feed @russellwarnick.


Brian Freedman

Brian Freedman is a food, wine, spirits, and travel writer, restaurant consultant, and event host and speaker. He is a contributing writer for CityEats Philly, John Mariani's Virtual Gourmet and Philadelphia Style Magazine, wine columnist for The Good Life Report, restaurant critic for Philadelphia Weekly, Suburban Life Magazine and Philadelphia Life Magazine, Philadelphia scout for, and writes about the Philadelphia restaurant scene for His first piece appeared in Wine Enthusiast Magazine in the February 2012 issue, and he has contributed to Sommelier India, the largest wine magazine in India, for several years. He has been featured in live television segments, spoken at conferences and conventions across the country, and recently discussed unusual wines with Top Chef winner Kevin Sbraga on ‘Cooking Today' on Martha Stewart Living Radio, SiriusXM. He has consulted on wine lists for award-winning restaurants and dinners at the James Beard House in NYC, worked with Wine Chateau to run the wine tastings at the GBK gift lounge in Los Angeles for invitees to the Emmy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic, and regularly travels the world in search of the best foods and drinks. Visit him online at The Food, Drink & Travel Report,

Danya Henninger

To make a living, Danya Henninger eats and drinks and takes photos of food and drink. She is the editor in chief of The Drink Nation family of websites, which has grown from its origin as Drink Philly to include Drink DC, Drink Baltimore, Drink Portland and Drink Denver. She is also the Philadelphia editor for Zagat Blog. For the past 15 years, she and her husband have run Imagic Digital, a photography and video production firm. When she's not out on the town checking out new bars and restaurants, you can catch her mixing up craft cocktails at home and discussing Philadelphia, Earth and the universe at large on Twitter as @phillydesign.

Emilly Callaghan

Emily Callaghan is a Drexel University graduate who began her food career in bakeries and BYOs; her appetite hasn't been the same since. She's obsessed with supermarkets and silverware, having studied interior design in college, and someday hopes to go to culinary school to get the formal education to supplement what she's learned from the School of Hard Knocks. Trained as a copy editor, menu typos and style inconsistencies drive her insane. Emily is the type of diner who asks to hold on to a menu "just in case" she'd like to order another dish, but more so to pore over each ingredient that's listed and see if she can think of a better description. She has traveled extensively, from Israel to Argentina, and frequently orders dinner for breakfast. Gorgonzola cheese makes her gums itch, a slight allergy she's been slow to acknowledge.

Emily was responsible for relaunching and editing the 2010 version of TableMatters. Her work has appeared in Philadelphia magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, CityEats Philly, The Smart Set, WetFeet magazine, NotForTourists,, and They Eat That?: A Cultural Encyclopedia of Weird and Exotic Foods. You can find her walking around Rittenhouse Square with her adopted, tie-wearing dog, Manny, and a coffee from La Colombe.

Follow her on twitter @emcallaghan.

Joy Manning

Joy Manning is a nationally published food writer, editor, and recipe developer. Her work has appeared in Food & Wine, Prevention, Relish, Cooking Light, The Philadelphia Inquirer as well as at and Her cookbook, Almost Meatless provides dozens of recipes and inspiration for delicious meals made with more plants and less meat. Joy has also worked at Tasting Table as senior recipes editor and at Philadelphia magazine, where she was restaurant critic. She lives in South Philadelphia with her equally food obsessed husband. Keep up with her latest work and blog at and follow her on Twitter @joymanning.

Lauren McCutcheon

Lauren McCutcheon is a features reporter at the Philadelphia Daily News. A native to the region, she lives in South Philadelphia with her husband and son. Her former jobs include lifestyle and home editor at Philadelphia magazine, Philadelphia restaurant editor at, and contributor to Domino, Every Day with Rachael Ray and Better Homes & Gardens. She is the author of Frommer's Philadelphia, A Virgin's Guide to Everything (Warner Books) and The Right Way (David + Charles). She studied French at Davidson College and the Université Paul Valèry, where she realized she really, really likes the language—but might like the cuisine even better.

Lee Porter

Lee Porter is a writer and producer based out of Philadelphia. To see Lee get messy with food (prose), check out his food blogs: Chocolate Covered Memories (savoring food memories & spicing new ones) and Eats & Shrugs (because life is complicated enough). When not eating fish tacos or anything with avocados, artichokes or coconut, Lee is also the writer/producer of the ongoing, original comedy Web series My Ruined Life, the Web series/short film Wink, which comically examines how our online (foodie) world can conflict with our off-line (real) relationships, and the comedy short/charity project fb4h.

Marilyn D'Angelo

Marilyn D'Angelo is a freelance journalist who covers lifestyle, news, and Philadelphia's food culture. She's spent the past decade learning what she likes and what she loves as she traverses the eateries of her native city. Marilyn is a Temple University graduate and got her start in the food business on the floor as a waitress and even spent some time behind the line, perfecting her chicken cutlet recipe.

She shares her life with her husband, Mike, and their pair of adorable puggles. When she's not making wisecracks or movie references, eating out, or better yet, eating in with her husband, Marilyn is usually hard at work on her next story.

Follow her on twitter @knowitallphilly.

South Florida

David Tyda

David Tyda is always busy, which is why he requires so many calories, which is why he's a food writer, which is why he's a good fit for CityEats. He runs a multitude of food-related endeavors with biz partner, Rick Phillips, including the punchy food blog EATERAZ, where they sound off about the food scene with a humorous and often contrarian tone. They also produce the more traditional SIPS Magazine for Alliance Beverage Distributing Company, put on the Arizona Taco Festival, Tucson Taco Festival, and Arizona Barbecue Festival, run a BBQ catering business, and waste about two hours a day discussing where the heck to go for lunch.

Tyda spent a collective dozen years as the Managing Editor of the Ritz-Carlton Magazine, Editor-in-Chief of Las Vegas Magazine as well as Desert Living, both of which won major editorial awards during his tenure. He has given lectures on food and design trends anywhere from Palm Springs to Bologna and written for over 15 media outlets, including US Airways Magazine, CondéNast's, Phoenix New Times, and AZ Golf Insider, where he currently writes about golf clubhouse restaurants, otherwise known as nachos and beer.

Jen Karetnick

For more than two decades, Jen Karetnick has been tasting, traveling and teaching (though not always in that order). The dining critic for MIAMI Magazine, she also works as the Creative Writing Director for Miami Arts Charter School, teaching poetry, prose and playwriting to grades 6-12, and as a regular columnist or contributor to newspapers, magazines and websites including Aventura Magazine, Biscayne Times, Florida Travel & Life, Travel Media Group at USA Today, and Vegas Player.

When Jen isn't writing or attempting to teach teenagers to do the same, she's caring for her husband, two kids, three dogs, three cats and fourteen mango trees. The author/editor of eight books, including three collections of poetry, Jen is anticipating the publication of her second cookbook, Mangos, from University Press of Florida in 2014. She can be found on various social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.

Linda Bladholm

When not hiking in Patagonia or cooking in a remote village in India writer Linda Bladholm interprets life through culinary culture. She put herself through college working in San Francisco restaurants, earning a BFA in fine art from the University of San Francisco. She took the photographs for Singapore Memento, published by FEP International in Singapore where she worked as an illustrator. Her second book titled Kanazawa The Heart of Japan (Noto Publishers) is a collection of essays recording her year in Kanazawa through food, festivals, fish markets and everyday life.

Bladholm writes Fork on the Road, a weekly food column for the Miami Herald and has had three guides to ethnic markets published by Renaissance Books, including The Asian Grocery Store Demystified, The Indian Grocery Store Demystified and Latin & Caribbean Markets Demystified, helping cooks find and use the ingredients from these fascinating trips into another world. She has written, for Gourmet, Saveur, Atmosphere, Cravings, Latin Trade, and Culture magazines and consulted for No Reservations and The Layover. She resides in Miami Beach with a well- stamped passport and is working on a definitive Indian cookbook.

Margit Bisztray

Margit Bisztray is half Norwegian, half Hungarian, and grew up eating food her friends had never heard of, like spanakopita and Korean beef. Then there was the matter of the homemade yogurt, sourdough starter, Stilton cheese, and pommery mustard in the home fridge that set hers apart as a "foodie" family before that word existed. As the daughter of two professors, she traveled extensively as a child, and although museums and cathedrals largely bored her, European bakeries, chocolate shops, and fondue restaurants did not. After graduating with a degree in Art History, she moved to Japan to work as an English language instructor and eat more things she'd never tried before (like live "jumping" shrimp, and cod ovaries) and earn enough money to travel throughout Asia for a year. South Florida has been her home since 1994, as well as the birthplace of her marriage and two children. She has been professionally writing about food, dining, chefs and whatever else comes along since 1996 and has been published in magazines like Gourmet, Vogue, O, Metropolitan Home, and Dwell, as well as serving as a cuisine writer and contributor to Miami magazine, Ocean Drive and Florida International, and editor of Daily Candy Miami. She is also a certified Krama Vinyasa yoga instructor and avid home cook. Her work can be viewed at and

Nancy Ancrum

Nancy Ancrum has combined her love of food and her cultural curiosity with a longtime journalism career. In other words, she's nosy — and likes to eat. She writes about food for The MIami Herald, where she also is a member of the Editorial Board, covering municipal and state governments, education and social services. Nancy has produced food-related stories — divorce cakes, anyone? — for NPR affiliate WLRN radio in Miami and is a contributor to the blog Miami Dish. Nancy is also a freelance editor who works with material focusing on food, art and wellbeing. (Yes, a restaurant menu offered "chocolate mouse" for dessert.)

As co-founder of Join Us at the Table, a joint venture with Robbie Bell, Inc., she introduced fellow foodies to the cultural influences on what we eat. In addition to hosting a weekly Internet-radio program, she provided "curated dining'' experiences through restaurant visits, chefs' talks and food and culture tours.

All of this is in keeping with her longstanding philosophy: The more we know about the foods we eat, the more we know about ourselves and each other. And though she is passionate about flavors from around the world, she'd walk to the ends of the earth for a bowl of good macaroni and cheese.

Nikki Novo

Nikki Novo, a Cuban-American whose obsession for vintage flair began way before it was considered eco-friendly, is a personal-development and lifestyle writer based out of Miami, Fl. Previously, she was the Miami editor for Refinery29, a contributing editor for DailyCandy Miami, and the associate editor at Miami magazine. In her pre-digital life, she worked in film publicity at both Lionsgate and Fox Searchlight studios in Los Angeles.

Today, when she's not musing about external and internal relationships on her blog The Art of You & Me, Nikki fights some nasty carpal tunnel syndrome by practicing Yoga or walking her four-pound Yorkie (and desk mate), Foxy. Nikki's work has appeared in Allure, Huffington Post,,, Ocean Drive magazine, and Miami New Times.

Trina Sargalski

Trina Sargalski's passions are good food and good stories. Especially both at the same time: She is always the last one to finish a meal because she's been so caught up in either savoring the food or telling a story.

Trina is the Miami editor of Tasting Table. She also reports for WLRN, South Florida's NPR station, and writes for Miami Dish, her own website. Her writing has appeared in Edible South Florida and Miami New Times. She was formerly a founding radio and web producer of the award-winning "Under the Sun" series on WLRN.

Trina is a Miami native who has learned to love her city just like you learn to love that pesky brother or weird relative. She has traveled in Chile, Guatemala, Mongolia and Spain, but more recently, every vacation seems to take her to Chicago, which she has adopted as a second hometown.

You can follow Trina on Twitter @miamidish.



Amanda Jaffe

Amanda Jaffe is a photographer specializing in food photography, portraiture, and events. She also takes lots of pictures of her rowdy little English bulldog, Boris.

Based in Philadelphia for almost a decade, Amanda knows where in town to find the tastiest dishes and drafts, but truly loves having everyone over for a big dinner party! Amanda was previously a photographer for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Now she freelances as a food photographer and is co-founder of the popular wedding photography group Love Me Do Photography.

Andrew Kahl

Andrew Kahl worked his way up from the prep kitchen as a potato peeling fry cook to running a line as an executive chef. Having over a decade of experience handling, preparing and plating food not only gives him a one-of-a-kind perspective on food and those who prepare it, but also the visual and verbal vocabulary to convey the message his clients desire. Much like the seasonal menus he created as a chef, his approach to photography is influenced by the food, its creator, and the environment in which it was raised or prepared.

Brendan Lekan

Growing up in a meat market on the north side of Chicago, Brendan Lekan watched butchers cut fresh quality meat for the particular customer. His love of photography was formed with the knowledge of food, which was learned at an early age. In the studio and on location he uses his skill to combine light, color and composition to create images that hold the products in their highest regard.

Elizabeth Jochum

Shooting on location and in the studio, Elizabeth Jochum has captured a range of images from fashion, food and portrait. Jochum has had the great opportunity to shoot some amazing personalities for advertising and editorial work, including Dwayne Wade, Charlie Trotter, and Danica Patrick. Her work can be seen at

Kaitlyn McQuaid

Kaitlyn McQuaid is a recent Chicago transplant who chose the city almost exclusively for its food scene. As a freelance photographer, she is specifically interested in local food production and has photographed everything from animals on the farm to dish preparations in the kitchen to the final product on the table. Aside from conducting culinary experiments in her own kitchen, Kaitlyn can be found experimenting on various musical instruments. Her current instrument of choice? The banjo. Examples of Kaitlyn's photographs can be found on her website

Lloyd DeGrane

Lloyd DeGrane is a Chicago-based freelance photographer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, the Paris Match and other national and international publications. He specializes in location photography, portraiture and environmental issues, clients include: University of Chicago, University of Illinois system, University of Notre Dame, Alliance for the Great Lakes, the Nature Conservancy, Bank of America, FMC Corporation, and the Adventist Healthcare System.

DeGrane's documentary work has been exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Chicago History Museum, the Gage Gallery, Corcoran Gallery and others. He has documented the Illinois Prison System extensively with photos appearing in international publications and academic journals. His photo documentation of home life and television watching in the Midwest resulted in the publication of Tuned In: Television in American Life, University of Illinois Press.

Rebekah Raleigh

Rebekah Raleigh holds a BA from Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn.) and an unfinished MA from the Missouri School of Journalism (Columbia, Mo.).

Since 2006, she has worked for various publications both domestically and abroad--photographing everything from the NBA playoffs to the Missouri State Fair. In the midst of that, she spent two years wandering through Southeast Asia as a staff photographer for a travel company.

She currently resides in Chicago, where she's working on overdue thesis (really!).

You can find her work at

Washington D.C.

Chris Renteria

Chris Renteria is C Daniel Photog; A commercial & editorial photographer and filmmaker; specializing in music, fashion, food & wine.His work has been published by San Antonio Magazine, the Austin Chronicle, Playback Magazine, CNN, Tumbler INC, and as creative art work for multiple websites and galleries. You can find his work on

Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth Parker is a photographer specializing in events and portraiture... and now food! Elizabeth loves travel, all things cheese and her cat, Pete. She lived in France for five years, two of which were spent in Paris where Elizabeth Parker Photographie was born. While working as an elementary school teacher she traveled to 30+ countries snapping photos and developing her craft along the way. Her passion for photography and the stolen moment emerged when she was asked to photograph the Salon de Livre et Musique in Deauville, France. Photography quickly became her priority. Soon she was traveling for work and gallery shows and assisting in the Paris fashionworld.

She is now exploring her new home, Washington, D.C., by scooter. Elizabeth Parker Photographie kept its French roots when it was reborn stateside in 2011. The business underwent a total rebranding while keeping the core values that have always set it apart: capturing the scene both visually and emotionally. She is very excited to tour D.C.'s culinary scene with CityEats and loves the perk of taste testing.

Check out her work at and follow her on Twitter @elizabethparker.

Ian Cunningham

Originally hailing from a distant, snow-covered mountaintop in New England, Ian traveled west after college, seeking his fortune. After going too far west, he returned from several years in Japan to complete a Masters in political media from the George Washington University. Ian has previously worked on several successful election campaigns as a web and social media manager. As a photographer, he has covered comedy tours for such knee-slapping joke slingers as Craig Ferguson and freelances in the Washington, DC area for everything from martial arts studios to street fashion blogs. This has led to fast feet, the ability to look inconspicuous and no longer feeling silly carrying several cameras at once. Ian's hobby is street photography, which serves to counteract the sedentary aspects of his Internet addiction. A portfolio and links to his various blogs and social media may be found here: Ian is available for assignments. Missives of inquiry may be sent to

Kyle Martell

Kyle Martell is a photographer specializing in food, events and underwater photography. He has lived in the Washington, D.C. area his entire life. His love of a good meal led to his passion for food photography. When he is not taking photos of delicious food, he enjoys tasting all the types of food and beer that can be found in the exciting and growing food scene in D.C.He is also fond of traveling to new places when ever he gets a chance, especially if it allows him to go scuba diving with a camera in his hands. He finds it exciting to explore new places while looking through his camera and capturing those moments in time. Kyle's photographs were showcased at "YUM3: A Visual Feast" a Fotoweek DC exhibit. He works with caterers and restaurants in the area to showcase their food and is excited to be a part of the CityEats team. You can find more of his work at and follow him on Twitter @kylemartell.

Renée Comet

Renée Comet is a noted advertising photographer specializing in food and still-life photography. Whatever the subject, her visual treatment can best be described as uncomplicated, fluid, and elegant.

Renée's contemporary photographic style mixed with sensual lighting creates strong graphic images. Her work features unique dishes, minimalist propping, and a surprising use of backgrounds to enrich the photo. The result is a pleasing, organic image with incredible texture, depth and grace.

Over the years she has photographed over 30 cookbooks and counts among her clients, Marriott International, The Almond Board, Australian Lamb and Beef, The Ritz Carlton, Smithsonian, Web MD, Mt Vernon, Monticello and Food Arts. Renée's work can be seen at

South Florida

Dana Jeffery Hoff

Photographer Dana Jeffery Hoff has enjoyed a pretty sweet life creating juicy images of fine cuisine for the past 12 years. Traveling on assignment internationally for fine resorts and restaurant based clients, Dana has experienced food and cultures others only dream of tasting.

With a 16-year background in graphic design, art direction and creative direction, Dana's intention is to create a work of art in every image captured. He strives to bring out the essence and flavor of every subject, whether it's an exquisitely prepared signature dish, or the architecture of an oceanfront restaurant in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Dana is also highly regarded as an award winning architectural photographer. His work appears in dozens of publications monthly the world over. Feel free to induldge in his online portfolio by visiting and

Greg Johnston

Greg Johnston began his visual journey more than 25 years ago as one of a handful of globetrotting travel photographers. The Canadian-born artist is known for his dynamic travel and lifestyle imagery. Primarily a location photographer, the Florida-based shooter travels extensively photographing people, lifestyles, resort hotels and destinations for a variety of national advertising, tourism and editorial clients. From advertising to editorial, his imagery is continually raising the bar. Greg's quest for capturing the essence of the lifestyle photography industry has allowed him to work successfully in a wide range of disciplines — travel, hospitality, food and architecture. His quick wit and spontaneity, and easy-going manner allow for a generous dose of fun and excitement that pours from his images. His personal attention to detail shapes the creative process that evokes emotion and sells products. Greg's photography has won many accolades including "Travel Photographer of the Year" award. His work, including both assignment and stock, has been featured in national and international advertising campaigns and has graced the pages of every major travel publication. Greg's no-nonsense approach to handling everything from concept to casting to completion bring a level of confidence and ease of mind that continue to bring in new work and keep clients returning. To see more of Greg Johnston's work visit

Greg Schneider

If the Tasmanian Devil and Peter Griffin of Family Guy were to have a love child, the result would be Greg Schneider. His energy, enthusiasm, dedication and passion for his subjects come through in every image he creates. It's said that we eat with our eyes as much as our mouths, so it's no surprise that, when photographing food, Greg is in his element. His personality immediately puts restaurateurs at ease, gets art directors excited and has been a favorite to many of the very best dditors. Greg's deep love and understanding of food have earned him the respect of top chefs, publications and national and international advertising accounts. For a tasty look at Greg's work please go to

Matthew Pace

With over 25 years of experience in the media field shooting for various publications and commercial clients, Matthew Pace is one of the top food-shooters in South Florida. His culinary background gives him an understanding of the language of food and those who speak it. A keen eye for composition and color, along with his lighting techniques, help to translate that into what he calls "Food with Visual flavor."

His career keeps him on the road here and abroad, but he calls Miami — with its rich assortment of multi-culture foods — home.

He is owner and head photographer of Miami Food Photography as well as an international group, Fine Art Photographers. His work can be found at, and

New York

Evi Abeler

Evi Abeler ( is a New York City-based photographer with a background in graphic design and a gift for capturing the simple beauty inherent in any subject. Evi specializes in food, still life and lifestyle photography and her diverse client roster includes museums, restaurants, publications, designers and artisans. Originally from Dalsper, Germany, Evi has joyously adopted New York City as her second home. When she's not behind the camera, she is working with pastry chef Albane Sharrard on the food blog Whip+Click (!

Gabriele Stabile

Gabriele is an Italian photographer based in New York City. He lives downtown with Pax, and their two kids Quino and Nicholas Ray. He shoots a lot of different things, and very much likes to shoot food in and around New York, where there are cool restaurants, obsessive critics from the midwest, and crazy asian american restaurateurs. Now, excuse me, there's someone at the door.

Kirsten Kay Thoen

Kirsten Kay Thoen is a Brooklyn based photographer and photo-sculptural artist. She received a MFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in 2009. From 2005-2009 Kirsten opened and directed K Studio, Williamsburg's premier affordable boutique photo studios. As a commercial photographer with a keen perception of mood, lighting and precision, she has cultivated a diverse range of specializations including food, product, designer lookbooks and portraiture. As a visual artist Kirsten is pushing the bounds of nature photography, creating 3D photographic works of art. Her work has been commissioned and exhibited internationally. Check out her commercial portfolios at and her artwork at

Sasha Gitin

Sasha Gitin is an award winning photographer specializing in Food, Drink and Restaurant photography. His fascination with cameras started when he was 7 years old and he continues to master his skills. His recent work appears in advertising, cookbooks, national magazines and fine art galleries. For Sasha photography is about creating beautiful, luscious and dynamic images that engage viewers. Sasha operates out of his daylight studio in Chelsea (NYC).

Please review his mouthwatering portfolio at

Winnie Jeng

Winnie Jeng is a Brooklyn-based photographer who specializes in food, restaurant, and portrait photography. As a self-confessed "foodie," her work combines her love of all things gastronomic and visual. Winnie's photographic style is clean and vivid, with a focus on bold shapes and quiet atmosphere. Her strong compositional eye and natural sense of aesthetic balance create captivating photographs that stand well on their own and as part of a story.To see more of her work, food and otherwise, check out her website at


Felicia Perretti

Felicia Perretti is a Philadelphia based food and lifestyle photographer. Her passion of food is exhibited through her work for restaurants as well as her commercial clients. She travels for work along the east coast but is not limited to where her work takes her. Felicia is a true Italian, she loves to cook at home, eat with family and friends and never shy to try something new. She puts as much energy into her favorite meals and translates to her clientʼs needs for their product. Felicia and her team are always willing to meet your needs and work together to create a innovative layout for the idea or brand. They insure a lasting impact and quality that will leave an impression.

New Orleans

Frank L. Aymami III

Frank Aymami is an award-winning, freelance photographer servicing the metro New Orleans area. He specializes in editorial, special events, public relations photography, commercial photography and portrait photography in New Orleans and southeast Louisiana. Frank's photography has earned him several local and national awards, including the Hal Ledet President's Print Photography Award in 2008, the highest honor received by a photographer by the Press Club of New Orleans. A native New Orleanian, Frank has been an artist as far back as he can remember. Frank holds an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design, which he earned in 1999. While working as a print production designer, Aymami taught himself how to use a camera by perusing the beautiful cemeteries of New Orleans and literally photographing everything with which he came in contact. People took notice to his eye, and after working 5 years as a designer, decided to make what would become a successful career switch Last, but most important, Frank is a dedicated husband and father to three kids. He and his family reside in Metairie, LA.

Sam Hanna

With 16 years in publishing as a photo editor in Detroit, Sam Hanna has worked with many note-able photographers from around the U.S.A specializing in food photography. Sam Hanna loves the "great" food photography and felt that it was natural to take his work in that direction. He currently resides in New Orleans and shoots exclusively for Sucré New Orleans since 2008 creating vivid images for a top notch "Sweet Boutique" in addition other eateries such as SoBou, Grand Isle Restaurant, Meson923 and PR companies such as Bond PR, and The Idea Village. Other than food, Sam Hanna takes on weddings with Eau Claire Photographic, and stock photography. His focus will also be on food with sights on future cook books and publications.For more info you can visit Sam Hanna at or

Sara Essex Bradley

Based in New Orleans, Sara Essex Bradley has been photographing food and interiors for over 12 years. While she has been lucky enough to score some plum assignments in such culinary dreamlands as France and Morocco, it is in her own hometown where she finds the most inspiration. Photographing a crazy-busy French Quarter 3-martini lunch spot is what really gets her going. (Did you know a martini is just a glass of booze?) When not shooting, she is very good at having lunch in said iconic dining rooms, and enjoys the experience all the more for having photographed so many of them. It also doesn't hurt to be on friendly terms with the best chefs in the city. Sara resides in the Lower Garden District with her husband and 2 cats. In addition to shooting pictures and eating lunch, she plays bass in a local rock band called the Beams. For more of Sara's work please visit her at


Jill Richards

Arizona resident. California native. Wannabe cowgirl. Ambitious cook. Failed gardener. Closet crafter. Swiller of whiskey. Hater of frogs. Champion of baby goats. Stalker of Jason Isbell. Lover of two ugly dogs and one handsome southern man. Find Jill's work at

Mark Lipczyski

Mark Lipczynski is a professional freelance photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. He shoots across the United States for commercial and editorial clients. Mark's background is in photojournalism and so he prefers to photograph real life situations. His focus is primarily on people and food. Mark has a passion for film processes and is especially fond of using photography as an artistic expression through abstract and interpretive works. You can contact Mark to collaborate, schedule a shoot, commission a project, or license a photo by email at: or by phone at: 480-287-0454. Mark's website is

Mark Skalny

Mark can't remember when he hasn't loved food… not just food to eat, but food to cultivate, create, cook and share. His number one inspiration was his Grandfather who traveled extensively and photographed his journeys every step of the way and passed on his excitement of the camera to his grandson.

A native upstate New Yorker, Mark spent his first two college years at Paul Smiths College deep in the woods of the Adirondack Mountains. With the environment as his classroom, he changed his original major from Culinary Arts to Environmental Sciences but never gave up his love of the culinary world. After moving to Arizona 16 years ago, Mark combined his love of food, culture and the environment, and followed his grandfather's path one step further, becoming a full-time, free-lance photographer.

On any ordinary day, Mark can be found shooting a corporate event for a Fortune 500 company, a spectacular resort property, restaurants, chefs, and his first love, food! He has had the good fortune to meet and photograph celebrity chefs sucha as Emeril, Rachel Ray, Giada, Bobby Flay while shooting many food and wine events. You may also find Mark in his own backyard garden choosing "what's for dinner!" And, of course, documenting his creations along the way. For Mark, his company tag line holds true as he really does see his&hellips; "Life Through a Lens". View Mark's work and his client base at both and

Mira Zaki

Mira Zaki is a New York photographer specializing in food, travel, event, fine art and stock photography. Mira loves all forms of art-and her artistic sensibility is everywhere. Every part of the senses register for her, and she wants to communicate this by bringing you into the experience of her photographs. When she is not shooting, she can be found Vintage store shopping, traveling, dreaming about traveling, or analyzing films. Mira currently shoots for The James Beard Foundation, the NY Times, Edible Manhattan, Brooklyn, and several more publications. Her work can be seen at :,, and Find her on facebook: And twitter:

Rick Gayle

Rick has been producing still life, product and food photography for 35 years for a wide variety of clients both locally and nationally. He is also an adjunct professor in the Commercial Photography program at The Art Institute of Phoenix.

Video Team

New York

Alexei Kaleina

Alexei is an independent filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in New York City in 1979 and educated at Vermont's Bennington College and New York University.

Alexei's short films have been shown and exhibited in installations across North America and Europe. He has also been a contributor to the film series at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan, introducing and discussing various screenings there.

In late 2009, Alexei completed his first feature film with Craig Macneill, staring Michael Kelly, Jicky Schnee, Ana Asensio and Rip Torn. "The Afterlight" was recently featured as the headlining piece in Filmmaker Magazine's "In Focus" section. It made its world premiere at the 2009 International Rome Film Festival in Italy and opened theatrically in New York and Chicago in 2010/2011 to strong reviews. It was recently acquired for distribution by Cinema Purgatorio and will be available this fall on DVD and VOD nationwide.

Jill Selsman

Named a "production powerhouse" by Inception Magazine, Jill Selsman works at the intersection of culture and commerce, creating content and distribution strategies across Internet, mobile, broadcast TV and print media. Starting her career as an editorial assistant at The Andy Warhol Studio, she launched MTV Flux, a TV-meets-web-meets-mobile social network for MTV Networks in Europe, has been Head of Creative and Content for MTV Indonesia (a 237mn home terrestrial channel), and been Executive Producer of Interactive at the Food Network in New York. As founder and principal of the production company in London, clients have included Channel 4, MTV, EMI/Capitol Records, MasterCard, NME, and Heineken (Southeast Asia and mainland China). She brings a nuanced ability to understand the interests of underdeveloped markets and a proven intuition for designing products that capture attention and keep audiences engaged.